Handmade earrings,Handmade Gemstone Earrings


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     Handmade Earrings - Express Yourself!

 Handmade Gemstone Earrings, Handmade Semi-Precious Earrings

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handmade turquoise and heart earrings
Turquoise and Heart

handmade blue lace agate earrings
Blue Lace Agate

handmade red agate earrings
Red Agate

handmade red and purple jade earrings
Red and Purple Jade

handmade labradorite circle earrings
Labradorite Circle

handmade green carico turquoise earrings
Green Carico Lake Turquoise


handmade nacozari and sleeping beauty turquoise earrings
Nacozari and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

handmade pearl and labradorite earrings
Pearl and Labradorite

handmade turquoise earrings
Turquoise Totem
handmade nevada blue turquoise earrings
Nevada Blue Turquoise

Handmade Coral and Turquoise Earrings
Coral and Turquoise

Handmade coin pearl earrings
Blue Coin Pearl

Handmade Bisbee turquoise Earrings
Bisbee Turquoise

handmade garnet and aquamarine earrings
Garnet and Aquamarine Circle

handmade fox turquoise earrings
Fox Turquoise

handmade keishi pearl and garnet earrings
Keishi Pearls and Garnet

handmade amethyst earrings

handmade crazy lace agate earrings
Crazy Lace Agate

handmade aquamarine circle earrings
Aquamarine Circle

Handmade chalcedony earrings
Chalcedony and Pearl

Handmade Garnet earrings

handmade kingman turquoise earrings
Kingman Turquoise

handmade peruvian amazonite earrings
Peruvian Amazonite

handmade pearl and aquamarine earrings
Pearl and Aquamarine

handmade amethyst circle earrings
Amethyst Circle

handmade blue quartz earrings
Blue Quartz

handmade bisbee turquoise earrings
Bisbee Turquoise
Handmade Carnelian and turquoise earrings
Carnelian and Turquoise

Handmade labradorite earrings
handmade white coin pearl earringsd
Coin Pearls

handmade raspberry quartz earrings
Raspberry Quartz

Handmade earrings made with beautiful beaded gemstones - carnelians, turquoise, sugilite, pearls, lapis, amazonite, chalcedony, aquamarine, amethysts, gaspeite and more! These beaded gemstones are complimented with unusual Thai Hill Tribe silve(upto 99 percent silver), Bali sterling, and sterling handcrafted by American
silversmiths. All metal used in Sacred Earth Jewelry earrings is sterling silver, or silver with a higher silver content. Handmade semi-precious earrings, whether dangly and
bold or dainty and demure, sway with your every move, compliment an outfit, set a
mood. Some of these handmade earrings are designed to go with the necklaces and bracelets on our web site. All are designed to be unique and versatile, ready for any occasion.