Handmade Boho Amazonite Necklace with Koi Pendant



All Things Good

Handmade Boho amazonite necklace with koi pendant.

Large, knotted, faceted, black gold amazonite beads, an artisan handmade soldered mixed metal pendant that is almost 3 dimensional. 

Black gold amazonite is amazonite with tourmaline and pyrite. The result is gemstones in wonderful colors of blue, blue-green, green, black, a touch of yellow...just gorgeous and fascinating. 

In some Asian cultures the koi is thd symbol of everything good. I just love this koi. She is graceful, beautiful,  serine, and at the same time somewhat mysrical. ymbol cultures the koi is the symbol of everything good. She dangles from a long strand of hand knotted faceted amazonite beads and rhinestones. 

The necklace is 32 inches long, the pendant is 1.5 inches in diameter and drops a total of 2.5 inches below the strand.