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We are open!

We are open after the devastating California wine country wildfires!

Huge gratitude to the thousands of firefighters, police, national guard and all who valiently fought the fires that ripped through our beloved hills. You are all true heroes.

My deepest condolences to those who lost their homes, and worst of all, loved ones. Deep sadness. Sending love and blessings.

Closed due to the wine country fires

We are closed due to the horrible fires in the California wine country. We will reopen as soon as we are able. 

Chunky Gemstone Stacking Bracelets

Personally I like the look of stacked bracelets. I also love gemstones. I recently made a few chunky gemstone stacking bracelets with amazonite, silver flake jasper and carnelian with Bali sterling silver. They look great together, are versatile and are very comfortable to wear. The larger beads are 10mm, which is hefty without being too heavy. They're gorgeous gemstones!

I have limited room on my web site to list items. I have other wonderful gemstones with which to make more bracelets like these. If you would like pictures of other available gemstones, let me know.

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Handmade Jewelry - Rocky Butte Jasper

Rocky Butte Jasper is one of several unique gemstones found in eastern Oregon. In a one mile stretch there are 3 beautiful gemstones found in only that one area: Wildhorse Jasper, Owyhee Jasper and Rocky Butte Jasper.

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry - the Perfect Valentine Gift

Turquoise Heart Earrings

Brass Heart and Impression Jasper Necklace

Handmade Jewelry - Aventurine

Aventurine and rainforest jasper rhyolite necklace
Aventurine, rainforest jasper rhyolite and prehite bracelet
While aventurine occurs in a variety of colors, it'

Handmade Jewelry - Stocking Stuffers


Visit our stocking stuffer section for last minute gift ideas. Take 12% off the marked price with the HOLIDAY2015 discount. Everything on this page is under $35.00 with the discount.

Handmade Jewelry - Nevada Lapis


Nevada Lapis Necklace

Lapis Nevada is a beautiful gemstone discovered in the state of Nevada in 1954. It is an opaque stone in shades of pink, green and cream. It's not a gemstone that is seen very often, but it is not terribly rare.

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