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Learn about the wonderful gemstones and silver that go into our handmade jewelry. Here you can get information about amazonite and opals, turquoise and tiger eye. A gemstone itself is a work of art, a treasure. When it is combined with other gemstones in handmade jewelry they make each other all the more beautiful and unique.

As we use more gemstone varieties we will be adding more information. We have placed links to our blogs where applicable for more details. Also check our blog for information on gemetones that may not be included on this list.

We have also included information about the silver used in our handmade jewelry.

Bali sterling silver
Bali Sterling silver is handcrafted by master silversmiths in Indonesia. Each little granule and each circle and line are hand applied instead of the item being cast. The result is a beautifully detailed and intricate masterpiece.

Lost Wax method
Lost wax casting is an ancient and complicated method of casting metals, and allows intricate details to be captured in the final piece.

Thai Hill Tribe Silver
Thai Hill Tribe Silver is considered fine silver with a silver content of 97 to 99%. It is handcrafted by silversmiths in the hills of Northern Thailand using traditional tribal methods passed down from generation to generation.



Amethyst is considered to be the most valued form of quartz. It occurs in a broad range of colors - from pink to lilac to lavender to dark purple. Amethyst is said to have sobering and calming qualities.

Apatite is a deeply spiritual gemstone with a cleansing influence on the aura. It enhances creativity and awakens the finer inner self.

Chalcedony sooths and calms and has a very gentle energy.
Chalcedony is mined in Turkey and Namibia as well as other places in the world. 

Blue Lace Agate
Blue lace agate is a calming, protective, uplifting stone, mined in Namibia, South Africa.

Blue Quartz
Blue quartz is a stress relieving gemstone that assuages fear and inspires hope. Quartz is a powerful cleanser and healer. A wonderful all-purpose stone.

Carnelian is a form of chalcedony and is found in Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Africa and many other parts of the world.  Carnelian is a Power Stone, a stone of ambition and drive. 

Citrine is said to not only radiate positive energy, but to dissipate negative energy of all kinds. It also does not absorb negative energy from it's surroundings. It is a stone that brings happiness and cheer.

Clear Rock Quartz
Clear rock quartz is a powerful healer in many ways. It amplifies energy and thought and removes negative energy.

In India coral has been valued for its healing properties since antiquity. It has been used in jewelry for many thousands of years in many cultures and predates the use of pearls. Coral is found worldwide in the shallow, warm, clear waters of tropical oceans.

Crazy Lace Agate
Crazy lace agate is mined in Mexico. It was formed by volcanoes, layer upon layer, over a period of hundreds to thousands of years. This layering of a myriad of colors creates the detailed banding. Crazy lace agate is said to allow the wearer to laugh heartily at themselves, while promoting a sense of humor. Thus it is called the "Happy Stone". What a great stone!

There are many varieties of garnet, and it takes many colors, but it is most commonly thought of as dark red. 
It is said that garnets purify and balance energy, can bring order to chaos, among other wonderful qualities. 

Gaspeite was discovered in 1966 in Quebec, Canada. It is always this apple green, often with brown flecks. It is quite rare and quite hard to find. It is healing and brings good fortune and spirituality into everyday life. It is associated with the heart chakra.

Jade has been considered a sacred stone for centuries. It is a stone of the heart and attracts love of all kinds. It brings serenity and calm by releasing negative thoughts.  Over the centuries it has been used for good luck in jewelry and talismans. Jade is found in mountains and riverbeds in several parts of the world. Burmese jade is considered very fine quality jade.

Jasper brings tranquility, gentleness, and relaxation. It is also thought to be grounding and balancing and helps stability. It is a major gemstone of Earth consciousness, and promotes environmental awareness. 

Labradorite brings ont one's best qualities and brings good luck. Light brings out its beautiful blue flash. 

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis has been used since at least the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures.  On the physical level lapis is said to alleviate irritation, anxiety and fatigue. It is mined in Afghanistan, Russia, Siberia and the Andes.

Moonstone has been used as a gift for lovers for passion, protection of travelers, to bring wisdom, among other qualities.

Ocean Jasper
Ocean jasper is found in only one place in the world, in Madagascar on the Ambolobozo Peninsula. This area can only be reached by boat and the ocean jasper can be removed only at low tide. Ocean jasper is said to be soothing, and to bring love of self and others.

Pearls symbolize innocence and a pure heart. They stimulate femininity, self acceptance and integrity, and help develop wisdom. In ancient Rome only the aristocracy was allowed to wear pearls.

Pearls - Keishi Pearls
Keishi pearls are pure nacre, the substance produced by the mollusk which gives pearls their iridescence and shine. 

Prase is a green form of chalcedony (quartz). It is a darker, more opaque form of chrysoprase. It is said to give the wearer a sense of oneness with the universe and encourage a sense of humor. This gemstone isn't often seen. It is most often found in Eastern Europe.
Red coral
Red coral attracts love and prosperity, and is a stone of passion. Coral is found worldwide in the shallow, warm, clear waters of tropical oceans.

Rhodolite garnet
The name "rhodolite" comes from the Greek for "rose stone". Rhodolite garnets are purple-red in color. The color is lighter than most red garnets. The brilliance of rhodolite garnets is due to the large amount of light that is reflected back to the top of the stone. Rhodolite garnets are found in many locations in the world. It is said that rhodolite garnets increase ones self worth and diminish feelings of inadequacy. It's considered to be a gemstone of inspiration and emotional healing.

Rainforest Jasper Rhyolite
Rainforest jasper connects one with nature and brings the awareness that we are not separate from the animals, plants, etc on planet Earth. It is mined in Australia and perhaps other parts of the world.

Rhodonite is a gemstone of grace and elegance, a stone of the heart.

Rhyolite is an igneous rock, a product of volcanic activity. It has high silica content, chemically identical to granite. It is formed from it's molten state (lava) at approximately 2092 degrees Fahrenheit before it could form crystals. Bird's Eye rhyolite is found in Mexico.

Rocky Butte Jasper
Rocky Butte picture jasper is quite beautiful and is mined only in one small area in eastern Oregon. It's valued for its images of landscapes. It is quite rare - truely an American treasure. Jasper is relaxing and grounding and connects one to the earth.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is a gemstone of the heart. It brings nurturing and support to the one who wears it. It is an important stone of self forgiveness and self love.

Rudraksha beads are known as the tears of Shiva. They have a very high vibration and assist in meditation. Rudrakshas are considered to be very holy and very protective.

Tourmalated Quartz
Tourmalated quartz is white or clear quartz containing pieces of black tourmaline. It is a strong healer, bringing healing on many levels.

Turquoise is considered sacred in the Native American and oriental cultures. It is protective and grounding.  Turquoise is considered the master healing stone. There are references to its use through antiquity in cultures as diverse as Egypt, Tibet, and Native Americans. It is indeed a very special stone.

Fox turquoise
The Fox mine is in Lander County in Nevada. The color ranges from rather dark blue to lighter blue to green. All Fox turquoise is considered rare. 

Hubei Turquoise
Hubei turquoise is mined in central China. The quality of this turquoise rivals that of the mines of the American southwest, most of which are now closed. There is evidence that the Chinese used turquoise as long ago as 1700BC. For many years there was massive mining of turquoise in China, but recently the Chinese government  closed the mines indefinitely. This will greatly increase the value of Chinese turquoise as the turquoise becomes more rare. .

Kingman Turquoise
The Kingman mines turquoise is very fine, highly regarded, top shelf turquoise. It is currently the only productive mine in the US.

Nacozari Turquoise
Nacozari turquoise was mined in Mexico, southwest of Bisbee, AZ. It is treasured for it's beautiful color and relative lack of matrix. The Nacozari mine was worked only for a couple of years. This means there is a limited supply of this turquoise and it is becoming more and more rare. Most rare turquoise such as this is held by collectors. It is considered a true investment.