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Handmade Charoite and Gaspeite Earrings



Flowers for You

Handmade charoite and gaspeite earrings.

Long, slender and rather rustic earrings made with charoite and gaspeite, small sterling silver beads and hand made pewter charms.

Charoite is found only in the Charo River Valley region of Siberian Russia. It's rather rare. It is said to release negative emotions and enhance positive ones.

Gaspeite is fairly rare and a fairly new discovery found in Quebec, Canada and in Australia. It is always light green in color. It is believed to increase the spirituality of the one who wears it.

The pewter charms are artisan handcrafted by Inviciti in a complicated many-step process.

All other metal is sterling silver, including the ear wires.

The earrings are just under 3 inches long.