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Handmade White Coin Pearl Earrings



Moon Berries

Handmade white coin pearl earrings.

Iridescent white freshwater coin pearls just overflowing with lustrous nacre, faceted pink tourmaline beads, gold filled wavy discs, sterling silver earwires make these sweet dainty earrings.

Nacre refers to the surface of pearls. It is what gives pearls their wonderful shiny, luminous quality. Nacre is made by the mollusk, most often mussels, in freshwater pearls. An irritant is placed in the mussel, the mussel produces calcium carbonate in thin layers, layer after layer. These thin layers reflect light and creates luster and iridescence. This process can take many years.

Pink tourmaline is considered a gemstone of the heart. 

The earrings are 1 3/8 inches long