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Handmade Boho Dogtooth Amethyst Necklace



Like Violets 

Violet colored dogtooth amethyst, also known as chevron amethyst, is a favorite of mine because it's so fascinating to look at. Each bead is different. These dogtooth amethyst beads are cut in the interesting "star" cut. They also have a matte finish which means that the beads have gone through an extra step to create a soft matte finish as opposed to a shiny finish. The beads are hand knotted. A pewter flower pendant from Inviciti, luxe Czech snail pearls and a sterling silver toggle clasp finish this great medium length keepsake necklace.

Dogtooth amethyst is a combination of quartz and amethyst. It is found only in India, Brazil and Russia. The gemstone pattern is in a "V" formation, thus the name dogtooth amethyst or chevron amethyst.

Amethyst is said to have a calming and protective nature and quartz magnifies those qualities. Amethyst is believed to facilitate spiritual growth and is associated with the higher chakras.

The sweet pewter pendant is handmade by the artists at Inviciti. They make unique quality jewelry components.

The necklace is 21 inches long, which is a perfect length for layering with other necklaces or it is stunning by itself. The pendant is 1 3/8 long and 1 inch wide. The pendant drops 2 1/8 inch from the strand.