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Handmade Carnelian Bee Bracelet



Celebrate Bees

Deep orange carnelian pebbles, light blue impression jasper and rhinestone beads are home to a sweet pewter bee bead which was hand made at Green Girl studios. 

Carnelian is mined all over the world. It is thought to give energy and drive to the one who wears it and to be good for bones and joints.

Impression jasper is not really jasper, but is variscite. It's mined all over Europe and the southwestern U.S.

The bracelet is strung on very strong elastic. It should comfortably fit a wrist up to 6.5 inches. Let me know if you need a different size.

One of a kind bracelet.

Note: Gently roll stretch bracelets over the wrist. They are not meant to be stretched out.