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Handmade Boho Mermaid Necklace



Golden Mermaid

Soft blue opalesque Czech beads are knotted to make an elegant boho necklace any mermaid would love. A hard to find artisan handmade bronze mermaid pendant from Green Girl Studios, rhinestones, citrine and more pale yellow Czech beads.

Czech beads are hand made in home workshops in the Czech Republic where they have been made for hundreds of years. They are treasured for their unique shapes and beautiful colors. These beads have an opal like quality and are soft blue bordering on aqua, a color very suitable for mermaids. 

Mermaids symbolize independence and individuality. Mermaids go where they want and do what they want in the vast oceans. Mermaids are also playful and mischievous and are a symbol of feminine energy.

This is a great necklace to wear alone, or to layer with your other favorite necklaces.

The necklace is 32 inches long (around), the mermaid pendant is 1 inch in diameter and drops 2 1/2 inches from the strand.

One of a kind.