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Handmade Dangly Hubei Turquoise Earrings



Elegant Rustica
These flowing dangly earrings are made with wire wrapped lapis lazuli and rustic Hubei turquoise wire wrapped with sterling silver and tiny rubies. Fancy sterling silver ear wires.

The pyrite flecked lapis beads are cut in the "star" cut which I particularly like.  Lapis is an opaque dark blue stone that has been used for thousands of years.

The rustic Hubei briolettes are green with brown matrix. Hubei turquoise is mined in China and is considered by many turquoise experts to be excellent quality turquoise equal in beauty and quality to turquoise found in the American Southwest. I've seen Hubei turquoise in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It really is beautiful turquoise.

All metal is sterling silver.

The earrings are 2 3/4 Inches long 

Limited edition.