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Handmade Fox Turquoise Necklace (RARE)



Charmed Turquoise

A Fox turquoise pendant necklace with a cluster of gems made with a small rare, green Fox turquoise pendant with pearl, amethyst, citrine and garnet charms and a Thai Hill Tribe fine silver pendant.

The Fox mine was a very productive turquoise mine in Nevada. It was mined out over the years and has been closed for a long time. Very little, if any Fox Turquoise is being mined these days, making it quite rare. The deep green shades of Fox turquoise are even more rare.  

All metal is sterling silver except for the gold filled wavy disc.

The necklace is 18 inches long, the Fox turquoise pendant is 3/4 inch long and 3/16 inch wide, the cluster drops about an inch below the chain.