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Handmade Turquoise and Silver Bracelet



Turquoise for You

Wonderful quality rugged turquoise rondelle beads are interspersed with violet oyster shell beads and combined with a large lovely handmade sterling silver bead and very sturdy sterling silver toggle clasp.

Turquoise is known as the master healing stone. It is said to give strength and guard the wearer from toxins in the environment. One of my favorite legends of turquoise is that the native Americans considered it to be a piece of the sky fallen to earth. It has been used for centuries around the earth by many different cultures. I just love the way turquoise looks and I could wear it every day. Sometimes I do.

The beautiful silver is Bali sterling silver made in Indonesia by master silversmiths known for their incredible skill and artistry. 

I love this bracelet worn alone or stacked with other favorite bracelets. It's elegant, timeless and can be worn anywhere.

The bracelet is 8.25 inches long and will comfortably fit a wrist up to 6 3/4 inches, possibly 7 inches. The turquoise beads are 8-9mm (about 3/8 inch) in diameter. The large silver bead is 11mm x 12mm.

Limited edition.