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Handmade Labradorite and Sterling Silver Earrings



Flashing Sweetness

Faceted labradorite beads are just waiting to give you a wonderful blue, green or gold flashy surprise. With unique and beautiful handmade sterling silver filigree charms these are earrings that you'll want to wear all the time. These earrings also feature sterling silver ear wires and sterling small beads.

Labradorite was first found in Labrador, Canada. It also is found in the colder areas of Russia. It's a form of Feldspar which is the most abundant mineral in the crust of the earth. Labradorite is formed in thin microscopic layers. When light shines through these layers a phase shift occurs and the result is the flash of light we see in labradorite. This flash is called "Labradoresence". Labradorite has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, with 10 being the hardest.

It is said that labradorite allows one's magical qualities to surface. 

The earrings are 2.5 inches long The labradorite beads are approximately 8 MM (5/16 inch) wide. The width of the charms is 10MM (1/3 inch) wide.

All metal sterling silver.

One of a kind.