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Handmade Lapis and Bali Silver Earrings



Midnight Rain

Lapis Lazuli with pyrite beads and lots of sterling silver for dainty earrings that are great with tee shirts and jeans or in the snobbiest upscale places. And they go with just about everything.

You'll love the way they dance once they're on your ears.

Lapis is a deep blue, opaque gemstone. This particular lapis has pyrite inclusions that I find particularly interesting and pretty. Lapis has been used throughout history. I remember seeing beautiful lapis in gold jewelry in an ancient Egyptian jewelry exhibit in a Boston museum. 

Many years ago I knew people who wore lapis when they meditated because they felt if gave them very deep meditations. Other people feel lapis gives them protection. This gemstone hasn't been a favorite throughout known history just for nothing.

The silver in these earrings is Bali sterling silver made in Indonesia. Bali silver is known worldwide as beautiful and unique. It is all handmade by master silversmiths there. It's just gorgeous and very special.

The earrings are 1 3/8 inches long. The lapis beads are 8MM or 5/16 in diameter.

Limited edition.

If you have any questions about these earrings or any of my jewelry feel free to contact me using the "contact" link below.