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Handmade Onyx and Ocean Jasper Necklace with Earrings



Classic Black with Sweetness

Onyx and ocean jasper necklace with earrings.

A variation of "go with everything" basic black with the extra touch of sterling silver and a unique gorgeous gemstone pendant that sets it apart.

Black and shiny faceted onyx, a very special, amazingly patterned ocean jasper pendant, ornate Bali sterling silver beads and toggle clasp. Matching earrings (shown in the last picture) are included.

Ocean jasper is found only in one area of Madagascar and it can be mined only at low tide. The pendant is of earth tones of  sienna and green. It's a calm, gentle and nurturing gemstone.

Onyx is said to give a person protection, focus and strength.

Bali sterling silver is made in Indonesia by master silversmiths who craft beautiful and ornate quality masterpieces. 

The necklace is 19 inches long, the pendant is 2 inches long. The earrings are 1 1/4 inches long.