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RARE Handmade Royston Turquoise Necklace




Green Royston

Free form Royston turquoise nuggets and Thai Hill Tribe fine silver.

I am very happy to bring you this necklace made with rare turquoise from the old Royston mine to have with you and to wear every day. American turquoise is a vanishing treasure.

This necklace is made from Royston turquoise that is mostly green, Thai Hill Tribe fine silver, tiny violet oyster shell beads and a sterling silver toggle clasp.

This necklace does not look chunky even though the beads are 9-12mm at the thickest point of the necklace. The nugget beads measure about 10mm by 7mm and are about 5mm thick. That's about 3/8 inch wide at the widest point. The beads next to the clasp are a little smaller, about 8mm by 6mm. The flat beads make the necklace look a little skinnier that it would look if they were round. Also the shell beads between the turquoise beads add to this effect.

Royston turquoise is considered rare turquoise. It has been mined in Tonopah, Nevada since the early 1900s. The mine is still open but is producing very little turquoise. Royston is one of very few American mines still producing turquoise.

Royston green turquoise is considered to be more rare than their blue turquoise. As you can see, these turquoise beads have very little host rock and enough matrix patterning to make them interesting and beautiful.

Origami Thai Hill Tribe silver beads are scattered throughout most of the necklace. This silver is up to 99.9 percent silver as opposed to sterling, which is 92.5 percent. Shell beads are interspersed between the turquoise beads.

Turquoise is known as the master healer. Some people say they feel better wearing turquoise. Many Native Americans felt that turquoise was protective. I believe turquoise is good for the soul.

The necklace is 23 Inches long.